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I was 15 years old, in a second story class room at a catholic girls school in my home town in Victoria, Australia. I don’t remember much about my school days but I vividly remember my first Graphic Design class.

We were given our first assignment, which I realise now was my first ever design brief. It was to design, by hand, a logo with our initials . . . . really? This is work? It was like art class but with a different purpose! I couldn’t believe people got to do this for a living! It instantly sparked my passion for design, 26 years later designing logos is still one my favourite things to do.

Having worked in a number of design studios from KPMG in London to a small family run studio in regional Victoria AND working for a decade with my own family to develop an award winning golf resort, it wasn't until April 2009 that my true entrepreneurial journey began when I started my own Graphic Design business. 

Though all things design were my favourite thing to do for almost half my life, Motherhood quickly took first place the moment my partner Craig and I welcomed our son Oakley into the world in 2017. Returning to work in my biz when Oakley was just 4 months old was not a choice, as with most modern families, after the government maternity leave payments ended it was time for me to contribute financially again.

Whenever I was overwhelmed (which was often) I’d day-dream of what it would be like to be a full time Mama and forget the life as a biz owner but I’d quickly snap out of it knowing in my heart that life without a creative outlet and building my biz would not completely satisfy me, despite how much I loved my little one.

In the early days of Motherhood I was blessed with a super cruisey bub who would feed - sleep - repeat! But as Oakley grew and demanded more of my time I very quickly realised that trading dollars for hours was getting more and more difficult. I didn’t want him in childcare so I just worked more hours and later nights with less sleep and it was exhausting. I had to figure something out, I knew it wasn’t sustainable. I knew there had to be something else.

I had been following posts in a Facebook group of so many women out there trying to build their biz, DIYing their brand on a shoestring budget and who could blame them. As my twin sister (the right brain of us) always says, a dollar not spent is a dollar you don’t have to earn (or is it $3?) I get it! But I also know the power of a well thought out, professionally developed brand. This is when the first seed of The Branding Space was sown. I can help these people. I WANT to. And I can do it on a broad scale! My moment of clarity [insert flashing light bulbs]!

Since then we've given Oakley a little sister Quinn and time as a bizzy-business-owning-Mama is at a whoooole other level!

It's also inspired my mission to deliver fast, action-based content in bite-size portions, so other people struggling to find time (and let's be honest, who doesn't fit that bill these days?) can gather momentum and build their biz without missing the important building blocks needed to create a trustworthy POWERFUL online brand.

And that brings us to today, right here, hanging out together in The Branding Space and I couldn't be happier that you found me. 

If you'd like to tell me a little about you and where you're at in life and your business please fill out the question section below, I'd sincerely love to hear from you.

And don't forget to join me over at The Branding Space FaceBook group where I am building a community of people just like you and me to support each other on this journey of life + biz!

And if you'd like to get in touch with me directly you can do that here.

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